I don´t intend to commit myself to one certain focus. I just like to show unusual perspectives and states of motion. Let the motive invite you. Just be there ... sit at the table, in the Café ... feel the Canarian breeze in your face and smell the salt in the air ... approach the pleasantly cool wet sand with your ear and listen to the runlet gurgling gently below you ... look up at the sky, or rather lie down on the sidewalk and enjoy the different view ... just be there!

May 1968
Born in Munich

May 1998
Initial contact with pinhole photography - more or less "incidentally" - during a chat on my 30th birthday.

1999 - 2001
First steps using a very simple pinhole camera construction set and two less simple pinhole cameras I designed myself. One of them already had the special perspective I still use. In the beginning contact exposure and development on a fridge in some corner of some cellar, later on in a separate room equipped more usable. From 2001 on real darkroom. In late 2001 joining the "Forum Visuelle Tonart" of the artist Andreas Weidner.

2002 - 2006
After joining the Forum switch from B&W paper to B&W sheet film. Conceptual design and construction of a more practicable pinhole camera. From that time on aiming for my photographic goals more consequently and productively. Ten day photo trip to Brittany, several shorter trips to various places, studio activities. First exhibitions.

2007 - 2008
First nude photography shootings. Switch from B&W/darkroom to color/hybrid. Presentation of the pictures in a much larger size, such as on stretched canvas or in a curved way with special racks.

2009 - 2012
Further tracing of the way taken. Photo sailing trip circling Lanzarote. Trips to New York and Berlin. Some smaller things, experimental stuff.

Preparation of the Berlin pictures for the pinhole festival OFFO in Poland. Nothing new apart from that.

As John Cleese so aptly stated ... and now for something completely different ... :-) ...